SAST : A Bosch Startup

SAST is a fully owned but independent Bosch start-up headquartered in Munich, Germany. They are cooperating closely with the Open Security and Safety Alliance which was founded in 2018.

They are launching an open IoT platform for security cameras. Together with our manufacturing, app development, and integrator partners, they aim to shape the future of security.

Their ecosystem complies with rules and ethical guidelines to ensure data privacy – so users and the general public can trust it.

The Hackathon + Design Thinking Workshop

I worked with SAST to help them organize their first 2 days tight scheduled live Hackathon , as the outcome was to be showcased on the final day at their Booth at the ISC Exhibition in Las Vegas.

We developed a framework and an agenda for the Hackathon involved two stages:

  1.  Coaching them during the UX Research and Design thinking stage to allow the hackathon contestents to focus on a problem and develop conceptually and design wise how they will tackle this problem.
  1. Coaching them during the technical implementation which involves using the testing mobile devices and the SAST-enabled cameras to realise their prototype which aims to solve the problem and persona that they researched in their Design Thinking workshop.  
  1. Coaching them through their elevator pitch using all the persona, background and technical implementation and demos to attract investors and provide them with the right tools to create an attractive pitch  
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